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Why Nerico Brothers Limited
Safe Monies

Nerico Brothers Limited is licensed with Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong providing securities trading, futures trading, leveraged foreign exchange trading and fund management services. The Company is also the trading and clearing participant in the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. The Company is required to meet the strictest regulatory requirements of Hong Kong and overseas regulators who require very high capital adequacy and business standards that some of our competitors could not meet.

Every of your trades is supported by our capital, every of your cents are segregated as required by the regulators. You have no chance to miss any of your monies due to our negligence. 

We have vast network to access the Interbank markets and therefore are able to provide you the narrowest possible spreads. We never hesitate to invest on human resources and computer equipment so that you may rest assured you are using the most state-of-the-art technology in the market now and over.

Fast Execution

We check and execute orders all the times using our system and will never miss your orders. 

24 x 7 Support

The Company runs 24-hours in service delivery on trade days. You may access our non-stop service either via phone, email or of course our system.

Our system runs even on market rest days. You may log in any time to enquire your latest account balances and trade activities.

One-stop Shopping

Nerico Brothers Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glory Sky Group Limited. Other affiliated companies of Nerico Brothers Limited, provide other services which include precious metals trading, Hong Kong tael gold trading, wealth management and finance service.

We let you access global markets with one Company!

Multi-lingual Service

Nerico Brothers Limited employs staff who are at least tri-lingual. We guarantee our services to be delivered to you via Cantonese, Mandarin and English. This is the case for our verbal communication, printed documents and on-screen trading platform.

You do not need to specify a language when you open an account with us. A single click in the system lets you switch among your choices of language any time.