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Notice to clients

To prevent criminals from using the name of our Company to commit fraud, the following announcement deserves your attention.

  • Our company's official website is the only gateway to get access to our i-wise, (the trading system of forex). If any agent or any person makes representation to you by suggesting that other forex trading platforms are belonging to the subsidiaries of our company, please do not lightly rely upon their verbal representation so as to avoid any unnecessary financial loss;
  • The demo trading accounts provided by our company on our company website are for our existing and potential clients to practise and evaluate their trading strategies only. The capital gain/loss as a result of the demo tradings is not genuine monetary gain/loss incurred by the users of the demo trading accounts and the users shall have no basis to use the trading results to make claims against our Company;
  • The company has never promoted any “sure-win” courses, trading strategies, investment plans or guaranteed return investment plan with interest. Both verbal and written circulations of such promotions are not credible. The company does not authorise any person, agent or employee to organise such paid courses and seminars in our offices.
  • Clients should understand that the company does not make any recommendations on financial products via the company website, emails or other company related websites. All information and content messages appearing on our company website are prepared for the generality of our existing and potential investors. They are not prepared for a specific client or a company of clients to meet their personal financial goals, future trading targets. Please read the Company's Risk Disclosure Statement before making any investment decision. Clients are suggested to seek independent professional advices if necessary.
  • Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us, all information provided will be kept confidential.

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact our customer services at 2125 3900.