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Nerico Brothers Limited has subsidiaries, offices, partners, and affiliates in many financial businesses in Asia, uniquely positioning the Group to provide exceptional direct service to our customers for global markets.

Nerico Brothers Limited
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  • Licensed for Dealing in Securities by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) (Type 1 licence).
  • Licensed for Dealing in Futures Contracts by SFC (Type 2 licence).
  • Licensed for Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading by SFC (Type 3 licence).
  • Licensed for Assets Management by SFC (Type 9 licence).
  • Member of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.: for futures and options trading (Hong Kong Futures Exchange) and clearing (HKFE Clearing Corporation); for securities trading (Stock Exchange of Hong Kong) and clearing (Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company).
  • SFC and the Exchange impose strict oversight on licensed intermediaries for financial standards and corporate governance. According to SFC regulation, the licensed company must have a minimum paid-up capital requirement. On a regular basis, the company is required to submit financial returns to the Hong Kong regulators, which have the right to fine, initiate criminal proceedings and/or revoke licence for violations.
  • SFC and the Exchange keep central registers of all regulated entities in the industry. You may validate an intermediary licence atwww.sfc.hkandwww.hkex.com.hk.
Glory Sky Gold Dealer
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  • Member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Society (membership no. 191). Since its establishment, the Exchange has adhered to a stringent and effective set of rules. Although constantly tested, the integrity of industry members is always upheld. Moreover, it plays a vital role in Hong Kong's gold market. The Exchange provides local and international investors with a gold market of continuity, liquidity and depth, in which they can exploit gold as a vehicle of investment, speculation, hedging and arbitrage.
  • One can enquire the membership of the Exchange atwww.cgse.com.hk
Glory Sky Precious Metals Limited
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Glory Sky Finance Limited
Glory Sky Wealth Management Limited
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  • Members of Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA) (Membership No. M-387)
  • PIBA is one of the self-regulatory bodies authorized by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) to approve license to insurance brokers and is responsible for regulating and disciplining member insurance brokers. A major task of PIBA is to regulate the conduct and practice of their members as prescribed in the membership rules and regulations, associated codes for the well-being of insuring public
  • One can enquire the membership of the PIBA athttp://www.piba.org.hk/
  • Registered as an MPF Corporate Intermediary of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (Registration Number: IC000775)