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Regional Services, Global Markets

Nerico Brothers Limited aims to provide both traditional and online investment services to retail customers, corporate clients, funds and financial institutions in Asia Pacific. We provide not just one product, but a one-stop shop for local securities, foreign exchange, futures and precious metals in markets located in New York, Europe, and Asia. The Group has good investment in technology, human resources, and international networking in order to provide the best service.

Members of the Group in Hong Kong include: Nerico Brothers Limited, Glory Sky Gold Dealer, Glory Sky Precious Metals Limited, Glory Sky Wealth Management Limited and Glory Sky Finance Limited.

In Hong Kong, the Group is headquartered in the heart of business district, North Point, of the Island. It has several branches located at North Point, Wan Chai and Central as well. The Group is actively expanding its reach in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia Pacific by exploring opportunities to set up new branches and representative offices.

Financial Strength

A member of the Group, Nerico Brothers Limited, has licences issued by Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong for dealing in securities, futures contracts, leveraged foreign exchange trading, and asset management. It is required by SFC that each licensed company must have a minimum paid-up capital requirement. It is also the participant of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. The regulator and the exchange have strict rules on segregation of client's monies and monitoring system.

As for precious metals trading, another member of the Group, Glory Sky Gold Dealer, is a member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society of Hong Kong. (member number: 191)

Besides, Glory Sky Wealth Management Limited is a member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association, which offers Long-Term Insurance, General Insurance and Mandatory Provident Fund. It aims to provide high quality wealth planning and assets management to the clients.

The Group has self-owned office in Hong Kong.

Professional Services

Through its solid networking, the Group is able to provide efficient market execution of orders and settlement of trades. As a diversified financial company, the Group can pass customers' orders straight through to the exchange's central order book via its electronic platform.

As a dealer, the Group is providing consistent liquidity to the foreign exchange and precious metals markets. A customer will have the ability to enter and exit trades regardless of the size of the transaction or market condition via its proprietary internet trading portal -- a browser-based, e-cert protected application that needs no software download and is accessible as long as you have an access to the internet, be it a coffee shop, an office, a home, on the roadearly around the clock on any business day. This equips the Group with a powerful competitive advantage over traditional phone trading arrangement and electronic trading platform where time-consuming download of software is required.

The Group is the market maker for Loco London gold and silver, Hong Kong tael gold, major and minor currencies and crosses. Less sophisticated firms are restricted to fewer products and less competitive prices.

Safe, Fast, Convenient Platform
Glory Sky Global System, GsGs -- we are proud to let you experience it!


Use fault intolerant servers.

Ask you to download their platform, or Java-based. Their program may crash with yours.

Are slow and ask you for many inputs to complete a trade.

Lack transparency.

Give you late statements and difficult to read.

Ask you to wait for dealer's reply.

Ask you to delete your order to free up margin before you trade.

Trade one product.


Use top-notch servers with distributed loads and high fault tolerance.

Ask you to log in -- no download required. Just grab an internet PC and start off.

Are fast as shown in the price refreshes -- you will trade at the price shown in the trading window. You can pre-set your default trade amount, choose and square off a trade with one click.

Provide you real-time executable price once you open the trading window.

Let you access daily statement with every trade/order/collateral/cash detail.

Afford immediate execution, except in extraordinarily fast market.

Allow you to execute your order at market price at once.

Trade FX and precious metals in one trading screen with segregated accounts.

See to believe -- click to try out your demo account -- no registration, no download, no expiry!

Traditionally, electronic trading system with real time price feed is the privilege for large financial institutions and brokers. Today, Glory Sky offers the same extravagancy, if not better, to all individual investors with its GsGs.

GsGs is unique and sophisticated in the market. We developed the system from the perspective of you! GsGs is robust, convenient, secure, intuitive in design, and user friendly in functionalities. All trading information is displayed in one dealing screen, with scroll bars and tabs for further information. GsGs feeds market prices to the trading screen, and when you click a product for trading, real time executable prices will be displayed to you for immediate execution. Floating P/L and accrued interests on all open positions, account equity balance, effective margin, net margin, margin percentage will be changed regularly with market prices. Other static data includes daily account statement, open trades, open orders, realized P/L on closed trades are always on your finger tips. When there is a margin call, you will receive a message in the message area. Even if you are not with the system, you can see today messages once you log in.

We put weight on customer service. Regardless of the time zone, you can find full dealing, sales, administrative, technical, and customer support staff available to address your questions -- you choose the way, send an e-mail or make a phone call. We guarantee speedy response -- our customers witness this.