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Two-Factor Authentication
Mobile Login
  • 1) After opening the app, log in to the system with your existing ID and password.
  • 2) After logging in to the system, you can select "Start now" to register and activate two-factor authentication.
  • 3) Select "Send Email Now" and the system will send an email to the user's email address.
  • 4) The message “Email sent” will appear after the system. Please check the email immediately. Press OK to go to the next page.
  • 5) Enter the activation password provided in the email and press "Activate". If the email is not received, you can press "Resend Activation Email".
  • 6) After successful startup, the message “Successful Mobile Security Encoder” will pop up. If you need it, you can press “Start Fingerprint Login” to enable fingerprint login.
  • 7) Select "Open Now" on this page.
  • 8) Put the fingerprint on the home button to officially launch the fingerprint login Mobile login.